Why is Connection so important to us?

Jonathan McGuinness
3 min readMar 2, 2021

Are our thoughts, feelings, actions & words points of connection with ourselves, others and the Universe?

As children physical touch is so important to our well being and as we grow our sense of connection can evolve in it form.

Physically we can connect with others in predefined ways according to our social customs and our environment through contact like walking barefoot on the grass and putting our feet in a river, a lake or the sea and simply by walking in the greenery or countryside smelling air and the plants as we go!

Our imagination allow us to connect to space and time and worlds beyond our physical capability. We can connect with any time in the past, the future, even alternative present moments and we can connect with here where we are, distant places and imagined places that we create. We can connect to time and space beyond the limits of our current lifetime. We can encounter people that we already know and energies that we create. Our power to ‘really’ and ‘imaginatively’ connect are amazing! We can actively and lucidly explore during our life and in our dreams it can also be passive.

Are we here to help the world maintain and expand it ability to connect?

It feels right when we connect with moment, with another person, with nature and when we help another connect with themselves, or others or nature! Are our feelings an indictor to let us know that fulfilling our purpose?

When we feel disconnected, we not longer feel at ease.

When we judge ourself and others, we begin to feel disconnected from our feelings and other people. We judge to discern and pick our preferences and we also can judge to criticise and condemn. When we criticise and condemn, we begin losing that feeling of connection. We judge to allude ourselves that we are ok and suppress our feelings. This judgement stays with us until we choose see, hear and feel those emotions again!

We can sometimes judge what is ‘real’ and what is ‘not real’. ‘Real’ can be what we experience during this life and ‘Not Real’ can be what is before and after this life and our imagination. If we make this judgement, we can begin to feel disconnected from life beyond our physical nature as we understand it.

Our decision to judge life in this way or not is critical to our well-being, our desire to connect, our ease. If it is healthier for a Human being to feel connected shouldn’t we treat every thought and feeling that we ourselves and others express with respect for both their health and ours!

Maybe the thoughts that we have as children (and admit it, us adults have those thoughts sometimes too)

“When I experience deja vu, does that mean that I time travel during my sleep?”

“Does my family disappear when I leave the kitchen and re appear when I go back in?”

“Will come back in the next life as my brother’s uncle?”

Our connection is so important that we want to nurture, encourage and support all ideas, unless they create a danger, to be there for each other! Be good to each other! ❤



Jonathan McGuinness

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