How Strong is your WORD?

Our Word is our strongest indicator to ourselves that

  • we are clear on our direction
  • we are clear on our priorities
  • we are focused enough to manage what is in our life

When we are NOT following through on any of our actions, we really need to

  • clarify our direction
  • clarify our priorities
  • eliminate unnecessary and lower priority items.

Personally, I have been in both places.



Life is fantastic because it gives us feedback. Relationships develop and disintegrate based on our Word. Opportunities appear and disappear based on our Word!

It may seem harsh that we lack some fortitude that the negativity continues. So the solution is always work on ourselves first!

And with respect to our relationships with others, apologise and atone.

Apologise = Say Sorry

Atone = Behave towards that person in a way to rebuild goodwill. Sometimes it will be possible, sometimes it won’t depending on what you do and their choice to accept it.

Remember build your Word! It is for you! It is for your life!



How Strong is Your Word? How can we create our strength? #questionsoffire

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